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Criminal Defense Attorney,

including DWI / OUI




Attorney  Annutto and the attorneys of Annutto Law Office are criminal defense attorneys experienced in DUI/DWI and drunk driving law, felony’s, misdemeanors and drug defense in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


Being prosecuted for a crime can throw your life into a tailspin very quickly. This  event can affect your job, your reputation and even the daily life of your  family. This can become top priority fast. If you have been arrested for a crime, this is the most important thing you have going in your life right now.  Facing criminal charges is a difficult time not only for you, but your family, job reputation and more.


The Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC can help you to relieve some of the stress of the unknown with great experience and a working relationship with local authorities. Through hard investigation of the case from start to completion the best strategies possible will be laid out and a plan put into action in a  fast and diligent manner.


Thanks to a great understanding of all kinds of criminal charges we are able to offer a diverse representation for our clients giving them the security of experience and proactive thinking to fight their criminal charges. Being convicted of a criminal offense can change your life forever and fast action is the key to  dealing with the matters at hand appropriately.


Time is sensitive in these cases so we urge you to call us today for a free consultation


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In New Hampshire, call (603) 881-9161 and

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Benefits  of Hiring a Defense Attorney


With over 25 years of criminal defense experience, Joseph M. Annutto has the  calm and confident approach for any potential criminal charges you might be facing.  Having this kind of presence in your corner at the onset is going to bring you the peace of mind and the protection that you need and deserve through such a difficult time.


Thanks to his significant experience in state and federal courts, Attorney Annutto's unwavering confidence and  determination could be the key to your success.


When faced with a criminal indictment it is to your benefit to have an attorney with a high success rate such as Joseph M. Annutto. There can be no promises made by any attorney regarding the outcome of your case, but you can be rest assured that with  the Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC that you receive the highest level  of commitment and dedication our legal team can offer along with the resources  necessary to get the job done. Your attorney will personally handle your case  and guide you every step of the way.


The  Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC will take the time to listen to your story as it is the key to your case. If you are wrongfully charged, your story will be your defense. If you are innocent, your story may explain why you are in trouble and why you deserve the court's help. Whatever your particular circumstances may be, we will be there to help you from the beginning of your criminal case to the end.



Areas of Criminal Defense


Felony Charges
Drug Possession
Domestic Violence
White Collar Crimes
Sex Crimes
Juvenile Crimes



Personally Handling Your Case


One of the advantages of working with the Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC is  that we are small enough that we can offer our clients professional and  personal attention. We pride ourselves on working in close contact with our clients  to devise the best strategy possible for your case.  Taking care to understand the details of your  case before setting out on constructing a plan of attack is vital to a  successful case outcome in a timely manner. Every case is different and it is important that we know all of the details for each client.



Experience. Dedication. Results.


At  the law firm of Joseph M. Annutto, our services in criminal defense are  professional, personalized and above all, effective.

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