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Domestic  Violence



Facing domestic violence charges can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for everyone involved. The extensive harm that it can cause in your life while working through the legal proceedings can be unmanageable and change the way you handle life's opportunities.  Choosing to hire a law firm with experience like that of Annutto Law Office representing clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts could mean the difference between suffering stiff consequences for the charges and getting life back on track as quickly as possible. Do not under estimate the advantage you will have with an experienced attorney  protecting your rights and working toward the best possible outcome.


Domestic Violence is a pattern behavior used by one person to gain and maintain control over another in the context of an intimate/familial relationship. It may include physical violence such as threats, pushing, punching, slapping, strangulation, sexual assault, and sexual violence. It can also include emotional, mental/psychological, and economic abuse such as shouting, name-calling, harming or threatening to harm children or pets, and other intimidating behaviors. Domestic violence is rarely a one-time occurrence and usually escalates in frequency and severity over time.


When an abuser batters, they do it to control and dominate their partners. Violence is a behavioral choice for which the batterer must take responsibility. Language or other actions are not provocation or justification for violent behavior. Remember violence is often only a small part of the abuse. Oftentimes batterers use other controlling behaviors to gain control over their victims, such as a verbal threat. This can put the victim in fear and the abuser gains power and control.


You often have legal options that you can use to protect yourself when you are the victim of domestic violence. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you explore those options and make certain you receive the protection that every person deserves.

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