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Drunk Driving Defense Attorney



Attorney Joseph M. Annutto is a highly experienced DUI attorney, and has helped hundreds of clients facing drunk driving charges in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.



DUI/DWI charges can destroy a life.  They can cause the loss of a license and in turn the loss of a job or other functions that are essential to an individual. It is vital that if you are facing DUI/OUI charges you not waste a moment of your time trying to find the right counsel to help you through the process.  The work must begin immediately and the Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC can offer you all that you need from an experienced DUI/OUI attorney in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.



You are not the only person affected by your drunk driving arrest and charges. Your  family will be feeling the pain as well.  You could suffer a destroyed driving record and it could affect your ability to provide for yourself and your family by being able to maintain a job. The Law Offices of Joseph M. Annutto, PLLC have the resources that you need to create a  strategy that will provide you with the best outcome possible in a timely manner. We will take a personal view of your case and get all of the details  from beginning to current giving us the full picture of your situation. Our track record is exceptional and will offer you a great source of peace of mind  throughout the process.


We  urge you to call us today for a free consultation as time is sensitive in dui  cases.


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Why Hire a DWI / DUI Attorney?


A frequently asked question the answer is fairly simple. Taking the time to  consult with a professional with experience protecting client rights in OUI  charges is one of the best decisions you could make. If it does nothing else, it will arm you with some basic information about the situation.


Given the experience of a DUI/OUI attorney, you may find that they have information  and be able to shed light on avenues and topics that you did not previously  think of. This information may help your case and impact the fines or jail time  that you may receive.


While it is never an easy process for anyone facing OUI charges, a repeat offender  will be faced with greater penalties, potentially, consisting of jail time, and  not hiring a DUI/OUI attorney may put you in just the position to lose  everything.


Although you may be under the impression that your case is likely to mean you will be  convicted, lose your license and end up in jail, this is not necessarily the  case. Remaining calm and seeking help from an experienced attorney who can take  immediate actions on your behalf could be the key to a successful battle.





How  long you lose your license depends on the nature of your conviction.  In every court the prospects are different.


A  first time offender in who has been convicted of an OUI offence can face a  fine, a  suspension of your license and  jail time. It is possible, depending on your circumstances, that you could be in a position to  receive a lesser penalty.


Those convicted drivers under the age of 21 have other specifications such as blood  alcohol content of .02 as a base for intoxication instead of the standard .08 and a first time offense penalty of 210 day driver's license suspension. You  could be eligible for a lesser penalty of 2 years of probation with a 14 day  treatment program where you will be confined and you will be required to pay  the costs, installation of an interlock device for 2 years, and a license  suspension of 2 years.


Drivers who are on their second charge could face a thirty day to 2 ½ year jail stay, a  fine from $600 to $10,000 and license suspension of 2 years.


In  some cases, the OUI can be a felony and the penalties would be much greater  including prison term and permanent loss of license. The DMV/RMV can also impose  suspensions separate from the court orders in some cases.



Benefits of Hiring a DWI / DUI Attorney


Understanding the laws surrounding DUI/OUI can be  complicated and overwhelming especially if you are the one being charged.  Hiring an attorney with a great deal of experience in the matter and who  understands that every situation is different is the key to making it through  the ordeal with as little damage as possible.   Letting an attorney who understands the local court system and the laws  surrounding DUI/OUI prosecution is the best way to ensure that your life is put  back on track as quickly as possible, minimizing the damage caused by the  charges.



DWI / DUI Laws


The laws surrounding DWI/WUI in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts are  complex and penalties can be invoked differently based on the individual's specific circumstances. It is important to remember that while the State may impose penalties via the court the motor vehicles department may impose other penalties separate and away from these. Understanding  the exact nature of the laws does not necessarily mean that you will receive  the penalties as set forth under the law. You can read the laws surrounding  these charges online.

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