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Annutto Law Office offers estate planning, which will allow you to have the necessary documents in place should something happen to you or your loved ones.  We recommend that you have a properly executed Will, Durable Power of Attorneyfor Financial Affairs, and a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care / Living Will in place to complete your estate planning package. 


We also can prepare each document independently should you not wish to have the complete package. 


It is recommended that you update your estate planning documents once a year or upon any life changing event such as divorce, death of a family member or birth of a child.





Everyone should have a properly executed Will in order to ensure that your final wishes are respected. Having a Will allows you to protect the people you care about from having to go through a long, expensive court process to distribute your assets. If you do not have a Will in place, the government will decide how your assets are distributed.





A Revocable or Irrevocable trust is an invaluable estate planning tool which allows you to provide for your loved ones without the costly and complicated probate process.  Additionally, Trusts help you to accomplish comprehensive asset management that benefits the people you care about most, but can be especially helpful during your lifetime should you become incapacitated.  Trusts are also beneficial for complicated planning needs that involve minors and the need for guardianship.  Many people assume trusts are only for people with large estates for tax avoidance purposes, but that is only one of the many reasons to employ a trust.


Durable Power of Attorney For Financial Affairs


In the event that you become disabled or incapacitated, having a Durable Power of Attorney in place will allow a person of your choosing to manage your financial responsibilities. It is important to have your wishes known now to protect your family from having to take emergency steps through the court system later.



Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care


Having a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care in place will allow you to select a person of your choosing to make any and all health care decisions for you when you lack the capacity to make health care decisions for yourself. Having a Living Will in place also will provide specific wishes regarding your health care. We recommend having both documents in place as part of your estate planning.



Living Wills


A Living Will allows you to direct what measures will be used in life-sustaining treatment. Your Living Will will state whether you want to withhold or withdraw medically administered nutrition and hydration. By providing your wishes in advance, your family will not have to make these difficult decisions for you later.

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